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Choosing the Right Wheels

We offer a wide range of models ideally suited for your intended riding style and desired use.  FFWD’s proprietary rim technologies and premium components result in a performance carbon wheel system ready to tackle years of enjoyable rides.  FFWD wheels are built in the Netherlands by some of the most experienced builders in the business.  As some like to say, we may not be the biggest but we are the best! Following is more information and a few steps to help guide you in selecting the most suitable road or light gravel wheel set for your riding style and preferences. Step 1 FFWD offers wheels for several categories in cycling so the first step is to choose your type of ride. Given that most cyclists…

TYRO II Now Available

  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II 45mm Carbon Cycling Wheel Set
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II Tubular Rim Brake Wheel Set
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II 45mm Carbon Disc Brake Cycling Wheels
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II 45mm Carbon Disc Brake Cycling Wheels 2
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II 45mm Carbon Rim Brake Cycling Wheels 2
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II 45mm Carbon Cycling Rear Wheel
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II 45mm Carbon Cycling Front Wheel
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II Rim Brake Carbon Cycling Front Wheel
  • FFWD Wheels TYRO II Rim Brake Carbon Cycling Rear Wheel

The TYRO II is FFWD’s next generation 45mm tubeless ready full carbon clincher wheel set designed specifically for disc or rim brake bikes and ideal for road, gravel and cyclocross. Designed to offer exceptional performance, quality and versatility at a great value the new TYRO II exceeds expectations.


In partnership with sponsored teams and individual athletes in each track discipline FFWD received important feedback leading to this ultimate track wheel set. Together with the many hours of development in new rim shapes, which already resulted in a complete new road range and recently in our RYOT77 for triathletes.  This knowledge and testing has been used to create an all new track set that completes the RYOT family! The RYOT77 Track is built with a 77mm deep carbon rim with a LAW Tech aero profile that has been optimized for all most common tire widths due to the 26mm wide tire bed. In the center of the wheels are new FFWD track hubs in black with a bolt in closing system on the front…

How It’s Made – Masters of Wheel Building

FFWD Wheels Masters of Wheel Building
For most people the wheels in a bicycle are a given and are used without further attention. When you’ve spent some time on a bike and got infected with the cycling virus individual parts of the bike get more attention. You start reading and learning more about the benefits of the difference between saddles, position on the bike, tires and wheels. All wheels share the same philosophy how they are made, or as we prefer to call it; how they are built. Wheels are built from the different parts; rims, hubs, spokes and nipples. All wheels are made out of these ingredients (see special paragraph below article) and obviously the level of quality of these parts make a huge difference. What many don’t realize that...

RYOT55 – Fastest on the Road

FFWD Wheels RYOT55 LAW Tech Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel
LAW Tech - Laminar Airflow Wing Technology FFWD's proprietary DARC™ ‘Double Arc’ rim profile was developed to be faster than the competition by reducing the drag and creating an optimal airflow around the rim.  DARC continues to be one of the fastest rim profiles on the market but was originally designed around a setup with 23mm tires, the longtime standard for many cyclists. As a result of new technology, knowledge and materials riding tubeless has been a key evolution in performance wheels in the last few years. With these developments also came a need for wider tires and the necessity to make wider rims perform better aerodynamically. Simply transferring an existing technology and adjusting it to the current standard does not lead to the best...
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