Hand Built Bicycle Wheels

All Wheels Are Not Created Equal

FFWD Fast Forward Wheels offers an extensive range of alloy and carbon hand-built bicycle wheels for every discipline and type of rider.  We sweat the details, so you can enjoy the ride mile after mile.

Whether it’s a weekend spin or the World Championships you can trust that FFWD Wheels will perform and get you to the café or on to the podium faster and more reliably than the competition.

Each FFWD Wheels product is Built in Holland with the utmost quality, reliability, and performance in mind.  From design and testing to the highest quality carbon and components down to accessories that ship with every wheel set.  Simply, quality and performance are paramount.

Built in Holland – we know cycling, it’s our business to know wheels.  It’s in our blood. Shop our alloy and carbon hand built bicycle wheels now!

  • Just purchased my third set of FFWD wheels. Your wheels are simply amazing. They are so durable, have stellar performance and look fabulous. I will never buy another brand. Thanks for making a product with passion!

    D. Haas, West Mifflin PA
  • Among the most stable, confidence-inspiring wheels we have ever ridden.

    Peloton Magazine
  • I've ridden the F4D wheel set in a range of conditions and they've exceeded my expectations every time!

  • It was my first ride on our TT set and a stage win! LOVE EM! THANKS FFWD Wheels!

    Rhae Shaw, Professional Cyclist, BMW p/b Happy Tooth Dental
  • Hands down the highest-quality, best built and performing wheels on the market.

    Clay Murfet, Professional Cyclist, Astellas Pro Cycling
  • Thank you FFWD Wheels! I love my new F4R FCC's, can't wait to race them!

    Michael S., Chicago IL
  • The DARC shape is unique and brings something different to the table, and little touches like the clear-coat-covered graphics demonstrate that FFWD is a step ahead of the curve. The F4R particularly is a great all-around race-day option... and at a very reasonable price.

    Road Bike Action Magazine
  • Thank you for providing me with the best wheels available on the market, the season is young, many more wins to come!

    Justin Williams, Professional Cyclist, Astellas Pro Cycling
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Instagram post 18087149203163354 Get outside, clear the head and make some gains (safely)! @iamivandominguez putting in the time with his Falcon FCC set. ///
Instagram post 18012338545275957 Versatile and built for adventure. Great shot of TeamFFWD ambassador @hey_galetti hitting some dirt on our F4D clinchers.
//// #ffwdwheels 
Instagram post 17943439297325384 From the Cuban Missile himself @iamivandominguez...
/// “1,2,3 testing testing. Holy smokes 😳 I might have to either go with a 55/56 chainring or with 50-10 in the back to keep up with these @ffwdwheels Falcons 😬😳🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾. Definitely FAST.”
Instagram post 17861085706688100 Whether on asphalt, gravel or sand our wheels deliver true performance and the confidence to push your limits.  Nice shot from Belgian CX talent @senne_bauwens_366 /// #ffwdwheels