FFWD Wheels Carbon Cycling Wheels Technology

Materials and Manufacturing

Only the highest quality carbon fiber sheets and custom proprietary high TG resins are utilized for the production of Fast Forward Wheels rims.

Multiple layers of high-tensile carbon sheets are used for the majority of the rim.  This gives the rim a very high strength with sufficient stiffness to cope with the rigorous demands and application of wheels.

Rather than a stiffer and more brittle carbon, we chose durability over ultimate stiffness in the rim.  Optimal wheel stiffness can be achieved through the building techniques employed by our master wheel builders.

The base layers are comprised of UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets that are arranged  at optimal angles then molded into a uniform material.

Higher modulus sheets are used to increase stiffness locally and the rim is finished with UV protected FFWD decals.

ECOM - Equal Compression Technology

All FFWD rims are manufactured with ECOM or Equal Compression Technology.

ECOM Technology fuses each layer of the high-quality carbon sheets with special resins into one integral unit.  The result is a structurally superior rim that is much stronger and lighter.

At the core of ECOM Technology is specially designed latex air bags that match the inner shape of each specific model rim.  These custom made bags ensure that the pressure/compression is equal on the entire inner surface of the rim during the molding process.  The result is a nearly void less rim section and a smooth internal wall.  The smooth internal wall is not commonly found in carbon rims offered by many competitors.

This FFWD technology benefits overall build quality and longevity of the wheel by offering a structurally superior rim and clean seating surface for the spoke nipple.

When spoke tension is applied through the nipple seat and onto the rim, the transition of force is clean and optimal.

High Modulus Reinforcement Strip

Durability is one of the main qualities for every single FFWD wheel produced.  We demand more from our rims than our competition.  Each FFWD rim utilizes a high modulus carbon reinforcement strip where the spoke holes are placed to ensure that high tensions are not an issue.

In a regular rim the manufacturer can’t control the specific stresses by layup only.  The spoke force is concentrated around the nipple hole which can result in pulled nipples, broken spokes and a wheel coming out of true when under load.

With a pre-defined high modulus reinforcement strip the spoke force is spread out through the reinforced strip and distributes the stresses over a larger part of the rim.  The rims are now capable of withstanding a spoke force of more than 300kgf when hand built which offers better wheel performance, durability and reliability.

Additionally, each spoke hole is precision drilled radially and laterally to align perfectly and match the desired lacing pattern and specific hub type.


FFWD Wheels tubular and full carbon clincher rims are thoroughly tested in the lab and on the road to offer superior brake performance and durability.  FFWD works closely with industry partners such as SwissStop for development and testing of both brake surfaces and brake pad compositions.

FFWD continuously tests and evaluates new technologies for carbon clincher and tubular rims and have identified materials and manufacturing methods to further improve the braking surface for great durability and performance.  The result is 3K Nano Brake Technology or 3K NBT.

Nano Brake Technology is based on a 3K Carbon Nanotube structure with properties ideal for a rim’s brake surface.  The benefits include very low thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient, high tensile strength and elasticity.  Combined with a custom High TG Compound Resin, the 3K NBT offers reduced heat build up and faster dissipation and an overall increase in braking power by 30% over previous models.

The result is a superior brake track that inspires confidence in wet or dry conditions.

FFWD Wheels Nano Brake Technology