Each FFWD wheel is hand built in our production facility in the Netherlands using the highest quality materials and components. You can learn more about our Hand Built philosophy here.

For hub selection, we have chosen to partner with the global leader in high-performance hub technology, DT Swiss.  This close partnership allows us to focus exclusively on building superior performance rims and wheels, while DT Swiss focuses on R&D, testing and manufacturing of hubs.

Sure, we could design and manufacture our own proprietary hubs and charge a premium like many competitors, but that is not FFWD Wheels.

An additional benefit of using DT Swiss hubs is the availability of replacement parts for dealers and consumers along with a worldwide service network should a wheel ever need repair.

We currently offer 2 hub options for each road wheel set, all 11spd compatible – DT 350 and DT 240 straight pull hubs.  The F3DF4D, F3D FCC and F4D FCC disc brake wheel sets are available with either the DT 350 center lock or DT 240 center lock straight pull hubs.

Track wheel sets are built with FFWD proprietary hubs that have been designed to offer superior performance for the rigorous demands on the velodrome.


Each FFWD standard set is hand built with a radially laced 20 spoke front wheel and a 24 spoke rear wheel in a 2 cross pattern.  For riders over 240lbs (110kgs) or tandem teams who desire additional stiffness we offer a Control version in our F6C and F6C-C with a 24 spoke front, 28 spoke rear build.

DT Swiss Aerolite bladed straight pull spokes and DT Pro Lock brass nipples are utilized in each build.  These component choices again offer reliability and serviceability of the wheel.

Both the hub and spoke selection in combination with our rim technologies and proprietary building techniques result in wheels with a higher durability, stiffness and more responsiveness than previously available on the market.

FFWD would rather lace an easily serviceable wheel that will offer superior durability, performance and low-maintenance than shave a few grams.

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