FFWD Wheels Carbon Cycling Wheels Built in Holland

Tired of breaking spokes, your wheel coming out of true or rubbing the brakes and rear chain stays when under power?

There is much more to a performance wheel than just lightweight aerodynamic rims and fancy tech terms that are common place in today’s market.  A wheel is a system that relies on the quality and integrity of each of individual component and ultimately how those parts are assembled.

The strength, durability and performance of FFWD wheels is achieved through a combination of several unique factors including rim design, materials, molding, components, aerodynamics and proprietary building process.

FFWD Wheels is 100% Dutch.  The brand, employees, and production facilities are located in the heart of Europe’s cycling culture, The Netherlands.  Rain, wind, mud and cobbles are all part of daily life and provide the world’s most rigorous testing grounds for our wheels.

Our artisan wheel building techniques are market-leading and unique.  However, Built in Holland is not just a term used  to describe this single process.  Built in Holland is an all encompassing approach to FFWD’s sole focus on producing the highest-quality performance wheels available on the market.

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Built in Holland

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It’s a safe bet that our master wheel builders are the best in the business.

With hundreds of years of combined professional experience and tens of thousands of wheels built per master builder, this vast experience in combination with our other technologies is what ultimately results in a superior performance wheel for you, the rider.

In production, each master wheel builder manages an entire wheel set build from start to finish to ensure the highest-quality standards.  This process starts by material selection including rims, hubs, spokes and nipples.  Once a final quality control check is completed for each component, the building process begins.

During the build each rim is laced, tensioned, trued and these steps repeated until the master builder is satisfied the wheel is ready for the road.  A secondary independent internal quality-control check is then performed to confirm the wheel is within FFWD’s strict tolerances.

As a final step each wheel’s unique serial number is recorded and the set is packaged with padded wheel bag and accessories.  The wheel set is now ready to be released into the world of speed.


FFWD Wheels are strong, stiff and durable, for all the right reasons.

Learn more about our Wheel Technologies and Components used in every wheel that offer higher durability, stiffness and more responsiveness than previously available.


Aerodynamics are essential and our proprietary LAW Tech and DARC™ equipped rim profiles deliver.  Learn more about our LAW Tech and DARC™ aerodynamics.

Added Value

The result of using high quality components such as DT Swiss spokes and brass nipples and high quality hubs make servicing very straightforward when required.

Exclusive US Lifetime Warranty + Standard 3 Year Warranty
Every new wheel set purchased from an authorized source comes standard with a full 3 year international warranty.  Specific models also qualify for the US Lifetime Warranty if purchased directly through this website or an authorized US dealer.  Although highly infrequent, should a warranty claim arise FFWD processes most claims within 10-14 business days after return.  Learn more about our warranty policies.

Crash Replacement Program – CRP
FFWD offers, at no additional cost, a full coverage five (5) year Crash Replacement Program to the original owner.  Learn more.