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Choosing the Right Wheels

We offer a wide range of models ideally suited for your intended riding style and desired use.  FFWD’s proprietary rim technologies and premium components result in a performance carbon wheel system ready to tackle years of enjoyable rides.  FFWD wheels are built in the Netherlands by some of the most experienced builders in the business.  As some like to say, we may not be the biggest but we are the best!

Following is more information and a few steps to help guide you in selecting the most suitable road or light gravel wheel set for your riding style and preferences.

Step 1

FFWD offers wheels for several categories in cycling so the first step is to choose your type of ride. Given that most cyclists own a road bike and the options offered is the widest we dive into the ROAD category.  If you’re looking for gravel specific models, the DRIFT is the choice.

Step 2

The RYOT series is FFWD’s most popular and widest range for the road that cover the best options for different circumstances.

FFWD Wheels RYOT Series

If you’re new to carbon wheels or just looking for a bomb proof budget-friendly set the 45mm TYRO or TYRO Rim Brake are very good options.

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and interested in the best of the best with great aesthetics, lighter weight, carbon spokes and CeramicSpeed bearings then the RAW33, RAW44 or RAW55 are fantastic options.

Step 3

Third step is to evaluate your intended use. There are four different rim depths offered in the RYOT series each with their own characteristics. Typically shallower rims perform well in the mountains and in higher wind conditions for smaller and lighter riders. The deeper the rim the more aerodynamic and they are able to maintain speed and therefore help you ride faster. As you can imagine deeper rims are more influenced by wind conditions but FFWD’s proprietary LAW Tech rim profile enhances wheel stability so even with a 55 or 77mm deep rim the wheels are very stable in cross winds, however, may not be ideal for your intended use.

Step 4

Fourth and final step is to make a choice between two hub options. We offer the RYOT models with FFWD Two/One hubs and DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs. Both options are very high quality with the best internal parts based on similar technology.  The FFWD hubs are more affordable and a great option for all riders. For higher mileage riders that ride more then 5-6000 miles/year the DT240 EXP option is a great consideration. The DT Swiss bearing seals are enhanced which makes maintenance less routine.


The RYOT Series


Perfect for the mountains is the RYOT33 or RYOT33 240 EXP.  Super agile with just 33mm deep rims. They will help you get up to speed quickly and offer maximum control no matter the size or weight of the rider.  The RYOT33 is also an excellent option for gravel riders who wish a hooked rim that is compatible with tube type or tubeless setup.



The most popular RYOT models are the RYOT44 and RYOT44 240 EXP as they are the most well rounded for every day riding and racing. From the flat roads to the mountains anyone can ride these. The 44mm rims offer superb aerodynamics and extra stiffness to create more power when pushing the pedals.



For the best aerodynamics choose the RYOT55 or RYOT55 240 EXP.  Ideal for fast and flat training and racing but also can climb and descend very well for the 55mm depth. The RYOT55’s spin up quickly and maintain speed incredibly well helping to save watts.



Triathlon and time trial specialists should opt for the RYOT77 or RYOT77 240 EXP (but some roadies might like this as much). The wheels look stunning due to the 77mm deep rims so motivational speaking it’s the best. It does require some bigger riders to be able to control them though.


To summarize, there is no wrong wheel choice! FFWD offers the right wheel for your intended use and riding style at an exceptional value.


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Plus – all wheel orders ship UPS ground from our Southern California warehouse and are typically delivered to your door within a few days ready to ride.