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Aerodynamics for the Real World

FFWD Wheels DARC Airflow

Learn more about FFWD Wheels unique and proprietary DARC ‘Double Arc’ aerodynamic rim profile and the benefits in real world wind conditions.  Visit our Aerodynamics page for more detailed information.

The Netherlands, home of FFWD Wheels, is world-renowned for its flat landscape, its rain, and its wind.  These harsh conditions provide the world’s most rigorous testing grounds for carbon wheels.  The FFWD team and it’s engineers have a significant understanding of real world wind conditions experienced by cyclists and how these conditions directly affect wheel aerodynamics and performance.

Due to this vast knowledge and the passion for innovation, FFWD initiated a project to develop a new aerodynamic rim profile.  The initial concept was based on the theory that the effective real world winds experienced while cycling were in a lower yaw angle range than that of the 10-20° being cited and adopted by numerous competitors.

During the development phase numerous prototype rim shapes, widths and depths were produced and extensively tested.  The result is FFWD’s proprietary DARC™ ‘Double Arc’ profile delivering true superior aerodynamic performance for the real world.