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In partnership with sponsored teams and individual athletes in each track discipline FFWD received important feedback leading to this ultimate track wheel set. Together with the many hours of development in new rim shapes, which already resulted in a complete new road range and recently in our RYOT77 for triathletes.  This knowledge and testing has…

RYOT55 – Fastest on the Road

FFWD Wheels RYOT55 LAW Tech Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel
LAW Tech - Laminar Airflow Wing Technology FFWD's proprietary DARC™ ‘Double Arc’ rim profile was developed to be faster than the competition by reducing the drag and creating an optimal airflow around the rim.  DARC continues to be one of the fastest rim profiles on the market but was originally designed around a setup with...

DRIFT Campagnolo Ekar N3W Now Available

FFWD Wheels 36mm DRIFT DT240 EXP Disc Brake Gravel Front Wheel
The DRIFT gravel models are now available with the long awaited Campagnolo N3W driver body compatible with the new Ekar 13 speed gravel group set.  Choose between the DRIFT or the DRIFT DT240 EXP model for your next adventure, click the models below to select your options! SHOP THE MODELS Sale! Quickview Quickview $1,499.00 $1,249.00...