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Product News | F4D Review

“I’ve ridden the wheel set in a range of conditions and they’ve exceeded my expectations every time!” had the opportunity to do a long-term ride review of our F4D tubular wheel set.  Read more about their experience and the complete review here. Learn more about the F4D and F4D FCC wheel sets.

F4R Review – Road Bike Action Magazine

The DARC shape is unique and brings something different to the table, and little touches like the clear-coat-covered graphics demonstrate that FFWD is a step ahead of the curve. The F4R particularly is a great all-around race-day option... and at a very reasonable price.

Road Bike Action Magazine

The editorial team over at Road Bike Action had a few weeks to ride, test and review a set of our newest F4R’s. Find the complete review on pages 120,122 in their upcoming issue or click here to read what they have to say!