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Hand Built Road Bike Wheels

Our hand built road bike wheels include carbon and alloy clinchers and tubular designed wheels in rim or disc brake options. No matter which option you choose, your wheels will be hand built by our master wheel builders in the Netherlands. There are advantages to each type of wheel that you may choose.

Carbon clinchers are the premiere choice for most cyclists as they are lightweight and depending on depth more aerodynamic than standard low-profile wheels. These advantages make carbon a good choice if you demand the best and find yourself racing or just want to go fast.

Alloy clinchers are more budget-friendly but tend to be slightly heavier than carbon clinchers or tubular models. The added weight is due to the aluminum brake surface which can be a great choice for those cyclists who ride in rainy or mountainous environments that require fast reliable braking.

A tubular designed wheel is lighter weight than a carbon or alloy clincher and ideal for riders who wish a specific wheel set for only racing.

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